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July 29, 2012
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Chapter 1 of 2


"Ludwig! Come help me with these balloons will you?~" You called into the living room. You were working on setting up a party for your friend Feliciano Vargas. It was his birthday and you wanted to throw his a surprise party at Ludwig's house. You and Ludwig had been dating and living together for about a year now but you two aren't engaged yet. Nope just steadily dating.

"Okay. Vhat do you vant me to do?" He asked as he came into the room. You were fiddling with something and had your back turned to him.

"Well the balloons since that's what I called you out here for~" You said over your shoulder. He shrugged and walked over to you. You turned around and you had a balloon under your shirt. He cocked a brow at you and then chuckled.

"Vhy do you have a balloon under your shirt? It looks silly." He laughed, you just smiled. He stopped laughing and looked at you.

"It looks like you're pregnant or something." He chuckled after a minute of silence.

"Well that's what the joke is~ I put a balloon under my shirt so that I look pregnant~" You giggled, he chuckled and stared at you.

"You look silly, here I'll take the balloon and put it on a string or somethi-" He was cut off while taking the balloon out from under your shirt. It had two words written on it that made him stop. The balloon said,

"I'm pregnant~" He stared at the balloon and then at you. You just smiled and held your hands over your stomach.

"You are?" He asked still in shock. You nodded.

"Yep, and your the father~" You smiled, he looked at the balloon and then back at you again. He let the balloon go and hugged you. You giggled and hugged him back.

"How far along are you?" He asked after he pulled away.

"About a month." You said happily. He reached out and put his hands on your stomach.

"I'm going to be a Vater." He said looking down at your stomach. You smiled and nodded. He snapped out of it and took you in his arms. You looked up at him a little and smiled. He leaned down a little and kissed you. You kissed him back sweetly and wrapped your arms around his neck. He pulled away because he realized something.

"We still have to set up for Feli's party." He said looking around, you nodded and you two started working again.

~time skip Feli's party~

"Everyone get down!~" Alfred yelled. All the countries were there, hiding in the dark in Ludwig's house. Feli walked into the dark house and looked around.

"Hello? Ludwig? _____?" Just then the lights came on and everyone jumped out and yelled.

"SURPRISE!~" Feli jumped but then smiled.

"Vee~ Guys! You didn't have to do this for me!~" You ran up to him and one-arm hugged him.

"Well we did so just enjoy the party~" You laughed. He "Vee~"ed again and ran over to Ludwig. Feli hugged Ludwig and ran off to go hug others. Ludwig looked up at you and you smiled. You walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

"Good, he likes it~" You smiled.

"Vell yeah he likes it. It's for him." Ludwig joked, you agreed and you two walked into the kitchen. There were some people in there but most were in the living room still. Alfred and Leon started the music and a lot of people started dancing. Drinks started being passed around and you were left with water. Gilbert and Mathias, two member out of the Awesome Trio, walked up to you with a tray of drinks.

"Hey _____! What up with the water? It's not like you have to drive home or anything so why aren't you drinking?" Gilbert asked. You looked away and pouted.

"I can't." You mumbled, they didn't hear.

"What?" Mathias said. You looked at them.

"I can't." You mumbled louder. They still didn't hear you.

"Vhat?" Gilbert asked. You were kind of mad now.

"I can't!" You yelled at them. Everybody stops and stares at you three. You blush and run to the kitchen. The two ran after you.

"Frau, why can't you drink? You aren't knocked up are you?" Gilbert joked you glared at him. His eyes widened.

"Are you knocked up _____?" Mathias asked. You bowed your head.

"Yeah I am, just don't te-" You were cut off by the sudden need to throw up. You cleared a path and ran to the bathroom. You vomited and cleaned up. You walked out of the bathroom and Mathias and Gilbert were smirking at you.

"So who's the Vater?~" Gilbert smirked. You smirked back.

"Your Bruder~" You smirked. He about fainted but Mathias caught him.

"Wait, so my Bruder knocked you up? After just one time?" You laughed but then thought. You counted on your fingers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....

"No, at least 5 or 6 times." You said, again Mathias had to catch Gilbert.

"Dude, your bror has gotten laid more times than you have~ And to much hotter~" Gilbert glared at Mathias. You were stocked.

"Really? You haven't been laid more than 5 or 6 times? I would have though you would been laid more." You said shocked.

"Yeah he would have gotten laid more if Elizabeta didn't have to work all the time~" Mathias laughed, Gilbert slammed his foot down on Mathias'. Mathias bit his lip and tears streamed from his eyes.

"Dude! I think you broke my foot!" Mathias yelled, you just laughed.

"Take of your shoe and I can check~" You laughed, Mathias nodded and took the shoe off.

"Sock too." He took of the sock. You belt down and felt the top of his foot. He winced and you glared at Gilbert.

"You douche bag! You did break his foot!" You yelled at the Prussian. You ran over to Ludwig and pulled him to Mathias and Gilbert.

"Your stupid Bruder broke Mathias' foot, we need to get him to the E.R." You said wrapping up Mathias' foot. Ludwig nodded and helped Gilbert carry Mathias out. You grabbed the keys and everything and told everyone where you were going. They understood but kept partying.

~In E.R.~

"His foot is broken!" You said to the E.R. desk lady. Her eyes widened and she got him a wheel chair. You filled out the forms and he was admitted.

You were looking at Mathias' x-rays and frowned. It had been a few hours since he had been admitted.

"Gilbert you ass, you broke his foot in 3 places!" You scolded Gilbert, he rubbed the back of his head and chuckled.

"Sorry Mathias. I didn't mean to break your foot." Gilbert confessed.

"Eh, it's okay bro~ The cast will attract chicks anyway~" Mathias laughed. Gilbert fist bumped Mathias and they laughed. You and Ludwig face palmed. Gilbert looked up and smirked at Ludwig.

"So Bruder, I heard you knocked _____ up~" Gilbert chuckled. Ludwig glared at Gilbert.

"Where did you that?" Ludwig asked.

"Your frau~" Gilbert chuckled. Ludwig looked at you, you shrugged.

"Well, yeah I did." Ludwig said, you hugged him and he hugged you back.

"Are you gonna marry her?" Mathias asked. You looked at Ludwig, you both shrugged.

"Eh, why not~" You smiled, Ludwig dipped you back and kissed you.

"Ich liebe dich~" He smiled.

"Ich liebe dich auch~" You smiled back.
Okay there might be more than 2 chapters, not sure yet. But definitely more~

Thank you to :iconginryuzaki: for the picture^^

Let me know about any mistakes.

I own nothing but the idea.
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