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June 29, 2012
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Bullied!Nerd!CanadaxPopular!reader: Thank God for Motherly Instincts (Sorry the whole title wouldn't fit in the box^^')

You were leaving your least favorite class of the day, math. Oh how you despised the class. The teacher was awful, you no friends in your class, and you sucked at math. As soon as you stepped one high heeled foot out of that door you already had your usual swarm of boys around you. You got used to it because you learned how to turn them out. You were leading the way to lunch and your "posse" followed. You looked to your right to see a half circle of three guys surrounding their victim. It was the BTT. You had dated all of them but you were currently dating Francis. You saw their lips moving but couldn't hear them. You saw them laugh at the victim. Gilbert drew his arm back. You had to see who they trapped. It was Matthieu Williams. You had no idea why he was bullied. He was a sweet boy who was always polite and quiet. He never did anything to anyone.

You always got mad when people bullied him because he was just so nice and he didn't deserve anything that came to him in the way of being bullied. You had always heard of him being harassed but had never seen it before. You stopped and watched. Gilbert thrust his fist forward as hard as he could and punched Matthieu. They all laughed until tears streamed out of their eyes. Something snapped inside of you. You busted out of the group around you and ran as fast as you could to help Matthieu.

You got to the half circle and shoved Francis and Gilbert away and bent down to hug a crying Matthieu. You rubbed his back and comforted him. You let him go for a second and stood up. You faced Gilbert and you had the most pissed off face you had ever expressed. He looked at you like you were crazy. You drew your leg back and kicked him as had as you could in the balls. You did dance and cheerleading so your legs were REALLY strong. He fell to the ground crying. You turned to Antonio and slapped him across the face, with yours leg. Lastly Francis, you slapped him across the face and chewed his ass out.

"What the hell Francis?! Why would you ever bully such a sweet guy?! He does nothing to you. Nothing! And you decide to punch him? Your a sick bastard." You turned away and helped Matthieu to his feet. You put your arm around him and stopped to say one last thing to Francis before you left. "Oh and if I ever hear about or see you bulling Matthieu again, I will personally kill all of you and we will be through Francis." You turned and rushed Matthieu to the Caf to get him a makeshift ice pack to put on his face. Leaving the BTT bruised and battered. You set him down at an empty table and asked for a plastic bag, a paper towel, and ice. The lunch lady gave you a funny look but gave you the items you requested.

You made up the ice pack and put it on his face. He cringed but eventually it started to feel good. You took away the ice pack looked at his bruised face. Damn, Gilbert hit him hard. You softly stroked his black and blue cheek. Tears still flowing out of his eyes. You took off his glasses and set them on the table so you could wipe away him tears. He looked really hot without glasses, but then again he looked hot with them.

"T-thank you, _____." He said in a shaky, nervous voice.

"No problem Mattie~ Can I call you that? It just feels right to call you that~" He nodded.

"Why did you save me? I've been bullied plenty before." You paused at this and thought. After a minute you responded.

"I don't know, I've never seen you bullied and only heard about it. But every time I hear about it and this time when I saw that ass, Gilbert, punch you. Something just snapped inside of me. It was like a.... motherly instinct." He cocked his head to the side. He didn't understand.

"You know, when a mother sees or feels her child in danger she has a motherly instinct that tells her something is wrong with her child." He got it, sort of.

"But I'm not your child."

"Yeah, I know that but I've always have felt protective of you for some reason." You put the ice pack back on his face and accidentally bumped that weird piece of hair sticking out of his head. You watched his expression go from meek to flirtatious. He grabbed your hand and kissed it. Then said,

"Merci ma chérie. Nous devrions sortir un jour." You cocked your head to the side in confusion. He was speaking flawless French? And what up with the kiss on the hand?

"What did you say?" He laughed and replied.

"I said, thank you darling. We should go out sometime." Then he froze. He returned to earlier meek expression.

"What just happened?" He asked confused about his actions.

"You asked me out."

"Oh, uh. I did?"

"Yeah. Why? I don't know." He looked at his feet then back at you.

"Well, what do you say?"

"Uh, um. Well I'm dating Francis right now." His head sank again.

"Oh, I understand, he is-" You cut him off.

"But after that whole thing out in the hall I'm not sure if I should date him anymore." You got up and said,

"I'll be right back Mattie~" You walked over to the BTT and they all had ice packs on their injuries. They flinched when they saw you. Good, you scared then well enough. You stood in front of Francis and put your hand on his shoulder. He looked up at you and you began to say,

"Francis, the time we have spent to together had been but I just don't know if I can date you anymore. I'm sorry but I'm breaking up with you. But we can still be friends." You took your hand off his shoulder and left him to sit in shock. Before you got too far away he said,

"Who are you leaving me for?"

"Matthieu Williams~" You smiled and skipped back to Mattie. You down next to him and kissed him on the nose.

"Yes!~" He about fainted he was so happy he hugged you and he said,

"Tomorrow after school find me and I'll drive to my house and we can hang out." You nodded and the bell rang. You had to go to your next class. Now all you could think about was Mattie. You had liked him ever since Freshmen year when he transferred from Canada. He was amazing. You loved him in every way.

~Lunch the next day~

Matthieu sat at his usual table, alone. You got your lunch and sat next to him. You crept up behind him so he wouldn't notice you sit down. You kissed his good cheek and chimed out,

"Hey Mattie!"

"Hey _____." He sounded a little bit nervous but you two started talking and he gradually got more confident. You couldn't wait to hang out with you Canadian boyfriend after school~

~After school~

You found Mattie and you held hands all the way to his car. He drove to his house and pulled in the driveway. His house was massive! You stepped out of the car and saw five other cars in the driveway. Wonder who's cars they could be. He brought you inside and it was beautiful! He took you to the living room and you two sat and talked for awhile then you heard multiple sets of feet come thundering down the steps. It was the BTT. What he hell were they doing here?

"What are you going here Francis?"

"I live here. Matthieu is my brother." You looked at Matthieu, he nodded in despair.

"Huh, what?!"

"Chica, their brothers." Antonio repeated.

"Mattie can you go get me an aspirin, I have a headache now." He did so and the BTT looked at each other and smirked. Then they looked at you with perverted grins.


"Frau," they moved in closer to you. "There's no aspirin. He'll be looking for a while." You backed up back they moved closer. You backed up and almost fell of the back of the couch. They followed. You got off the back off the couch and made you walked slowly to the doorway. Guess what, they followed. You sprinted out of the doorway and down a series of halls and such. They parted three separate ways and followed after. You hit a dead end, goodbye virginity. I'll miss you. They caught up to you and corned you. They were closing when all of a sudden Francis falls to the ground. Then Antonio. Lastly Gilbert who had managed to pull your shirt down to your belly button some how. You looked up to see Matthieu holding a hockey stick and painting like mad from being mad.

You stepped over the groaning heap of bodies on the floor and hugged Matthieu.

"Thank you Mattie~ How did you know to save me?" You smiled.

"Oh, you know. Motherly instincts." He laughed and kissed you on the lips. Tit for tat, huh?

Bullied!Nerd!CanadaxPopular!readerby MAStheHetalian

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2012-2014 MAStheHetalian
Bad BTT! No! Haha, well I hope you liked it^^

Thank you to :iconsasako: for the image!

Let me know about any mistakes.

I own nothing but the idea.
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