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July 8, 2012
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Cold, wet, and gray are just three words to describe what it was like out side. It was a cold rainy day and you were bored out of your mind. Well, the day hadn't quite started yet. It was only 9:00 and Francis, Gilbert, and Antonio aren't up yet. You were sitting on the couch in your pajamas watching the weather report. Rain all week, lovely. Luckily the BTT would keep you company. Yes sometimes you were called crazy or even stupid for it but you live with the Bad Touch Trio. It doesn't bother you though. They're your best friends in the whole wide world. Sure they are bizarre sometimes, like when they come downstairs in the morning in dress up clothes, but you love them like brothers.

You sighed and looked out the window. It showed no sign of letting up any time soon as the weather said. You turn back to the TV and flip through the channels. It's too early for any good TV. You sit there for a minute thinking of what you all could do today. Nothing hits you, well expect for the tomato that now in your hair. You turn around to see Gilbert turned around laughing with the rest of the BTT around the corner. Without him looking you sneak off to the kitchen and grab an ice cube tray and tiptoe up behind Gilbert. You move his pants a little and dump the whole tray of ice down into his boxers.

"What the hell frau?! That's cold!" He yelled jumping around trying to get all the ice out of his pants. You Francis and Antonio fall on the floor laughing. Gilbert finishes his dance routine and stares at you all and pouts.

"That's not nice frau!" He whines.

"Well neither is the tomato in my hair!" You manage to laugh out. You all manage to stop laughing and make your way to the kitchen to make pancakes.

"Chica don't forget to put some cinnamon and sugar on mine~"

"I know~ So you can have churro pancakes~" You smiled.

"Frau, chocolate in mine~"

"I know~"

"Plain for moi~"

"Noted~" You started to make the different batters for the pancakes. Francis helped a little but was pulled out by Gilbert so they could play video games or something. You finished with the batters and you called Francis in so he could take a look at them and help you cook them. Once all the pancakes were cooked you set them on the table and Antonio and Gilbert came running.

"Churro pancakes for you~"


"German chocolate pancakes~"


"And plain pancakes for you and I~"

"Merci~" You all ate your pancakes and cleaned up. Once you were done with that you all played videos games until lunch rolled around.

"Mon chéri, we are 'ungry!~" Francis complained for the three of them. You rolled your eyes and you thought of something.

"Hey do you guys want to bake cakes?" They all looked at each other and raced to the kitchen. I'll take that was a yes.

"Okay Francis get the ingredients. Antonio get the oven preheated. And Gilbert get the pans. I'll the the bowls and utensils." You all broke off and did your assigned job. You all met on the island counter and started making the batter. Once that was done you put it in the oven and started to make the frosting.


The oven timers went off. You opened the oven door and checked the cakes. They were done so you got some oven mitts and took the cakes out. Once they cooled you put some frosting on them. The whole house smells amazing now!~

Francis has a white sponge cake with French butter creme which he frosts to look like the French flag, Antonio has a red velvet cake that he makes look like a tomato, and Gilbert has a chocolate cake that he frosts white and writes "I'm Awesome!" on with black icing. You? You have and marble cake (Valina and chocolate swirled together) with (f/c) frosting and flowers all over. You all hold your cakes out to each other and explain slightly, like there was a need to anyways, and they all turn to you still holding their cakes. You set your down and looked at them like they were crazy. They all looked at each other and then back to you. They all had odd smirks on their faces.

You backed up into the island and they followed.

"Un, deux, TROIS!~" Francis yelled. Before you could even think about moving they all smashed their cakes on you. You had cake everywhere! In your bra, up you nose, and you are pretty sure in your panties. You wiped your eyes off and glared at them. You looked at the floor and there were chunks of cake. You picked up one in each hand and shoved them in Antonio and Francis' faces. Gilbert, who is in the middle, laughs at them. You pick up another hand pull and smear in all over his face and you get some in his month. They look at you and laugh more. You covered in cake and they have some cake on their faces.

"You guys suck!~" You joke, "I'm going to go take a shower." You push them out of the way and go to the bathroom down the hall. You enter the bathroom and start to get everything ready. Once everything is ready you strip down and get in the shower. You step in and it's perfect. Without knowing it you start singing. You pause for a second because you thought you heard the door shut but you brush it off and continue. As soon as you get your face completely washed off you start on you hair. Right in the middle of washing your hair the shower curtain is ripped off the rod. You see the obvious culprits and blink at them a few times before covering up and screaming.

"What's up frau?~" Gilbert winks at you. You try and grab for your towel but they're gone. You try and snatch the shower curtain from Gilbert but he just throws it in the closet. You shut off the water and cover up the best you can until you get to your clothes. No clothes. You look on the floor no bath rug, no rob, no anything. You glare and them and back into the door. You blindly search for the door knob and open the door. You immediately start sprinting for your room. You make it to your room and lock the door. At this point you don't care you just want to dry off and put your clothes on.

You scurry around and find a towel. You dry off and put on a bra and panties. All of a sudden your door swings open. It's them. No time for more clothes, this is good enough. Run.

You sprint for the other door and get out that way. You make it down stairs and into the dinning room. You are on the far side if the table and Francis is waiting for you to move. Antonio joins him. You back up and remember something, there's an open doorway behind you. Out of nowhere Gilbert wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you up. You grab him arms and start to kick and scream.


"Why should we chica?~" Antonio and Francis laughed coming closer to you. Gilbert sets you down but he doesn't let you go.

"Why are you going this to me?!" They look at each other then back to you

"Well mon amour, we thought it had been long enough."

"Long enough?" You say cocking an eyebrow.

"Long enough before we've made a move on you~" Gilbert whispers in your ear. Your eyes widen and you struggle to get away and fail. They get closer to you. Francis and Antonio grab your legs and they carry you to the table. They all pin you to the table and stare at you.

"What are you going to do to me?" You say practically shaking in fear. They all look at each other smirk. They all lean in closer. Gilbert leans in and kisses you on the lips, then Francis, then Antonio. They release you and help you off the table.

"That's it? All that running and chasing and wet nudity for this?!"

"You know it frau~ Well mostly the wet nudity was for us but the capturing and kissing part is for you~" He smiled like a pervert.

"Why was the capturing and kissing part for me?" They looked at you like you were crazy.

"It's your birthday mon amour! Zat was your present for us~"

"Si chica, we didn't know what to get you so we thought of that idea~"

"Okay that was nice for you to give me kisses as a birthday present, and I have to say that was probably the best birthday present I've ever gotten, but why did you have to convince me that you were going to rape me?"

"Frau, even we don't know. It just kind of worked out that way." You shrugged and hugged them.

"Thank you all for making my birthday weird but fun~" Once you break out of the middle of the hug you realize you are still only wearing your bra and panties. You look at the guy and you stick one arm out. Antonio sweeps your legs out from underneath you and you put and arm around his neck for more support.

"To my room please!~" You yell out in your queenly voice. Francis and Gilbert look at each other and follow. Antonio carries you upstairs and to you bedroom door.

"Thank you~" You lean over and kiss his cheek. You shut and lock your door behind you. You get in you shower and retake your shower. You dry off and put your clothes on. You do your hair, makeup, and you find your little metal tiara that Francis gave you last year for your birthday. You came out and they were waiting there. You stuck out your arm again and Gilbert picked you up. You all walked down stairs and you said in your queen voice,

"To the car please~" They all went to the car. Gilbert set you down and opened and closed your door. You went to your favorite mall. When you got out of the car you stuck out your arm again and Francis came and picked you up. You got in the and all the girls glared at you because your being carried around by and treated like a damn queen by the BTT. They carried you around the rest of the the day and bought you whatever you wanted. In return you kiss them on the cheek for picking you up, carrying you around, and setting you down and on the lips for buying you something. It was a great day so far.

You came home Gilbert carried you in the door, Antonio carried your cake, and Francis carried your bags. Gilbert put you down and you all moved into the kitchen. You all had some cake, with no mess this time, and you ordered pizza. You made them watch whatever you wanted to watch and they weren't aloud to complain. After all that was done you stood up in front of the TV and stuck both arms. They looked at each other and shrugged. They had no idea what to do.

"You guys get over here." They stood up and walked over to you.

"Since you guys have been so good all day about keeping your hands where they're supposed to be and I'm curious about something, I'm going to reward you~" They looked at each other then back at you.

"What are you curious about frau?" You smirked.

"Why are you called the Bad Touch Trio?" Their eyes lit up.

"What's our reward then chica?"

"I want you to show me why you're called the Bad Touch Trio~ But with clothes on." They grinned at you and then to each other. You stuck out your arms again and you stood with your feet a foots distance apart and said,

"Go." You looked at them and they didn't hesitate for a second. They reached in and started touching you in ways that felt amazing. It was like they had magical touching powers or something. They did get a little bit dirty with the touching but it was their reward and you wanted to know. You never thought they would stop and you thought you would crumbled onto the floor in a pile of sweat and feminine hormones if they didn't stop soon.

"Okay guys you can stop now, I'm about to become a puddle of hormones, sweat, and perfume soon if you don't stop." They let out a whine and revoked their hands. They stared at you and pouted.

"I really know why they call you the Bad Touch Trio now~" You laughed.

"Well mon amour, lots of practice makes perfect~" Francis said winking at you. You laughed and felt a yawn coming on. You yawned and stuck out an arm. Instead of being carried by one of them they all picked you up and carried you to your room. You kissed them all good night and thank them for the gifts, the fun, the explanation, and the royal treatment. You closed the door, changed, and went to bed.

The next morning you woke up to four arms wrapped around you and your pillow replaced with someones back. You looked on both sides of you and saw Gilbert and Francis so that meant you were using the Spaniard as a human pillow. You snaked out from the middle of Francis and Gilbert and they felt around to find you weren't there so they felt around, groping Antonio in the process, until they found "you" and pulled "you" closer. They both woke up slightly and found "your" lips and kissed "you" good morning. They opened their eyes to find that they had just kissed each other. They unhanded each other and scrambled out of bed.

"How cute~" You said laughing your ass off. Antonio woke up shortly after and said,

"I had the weirdest dream that Gil and Francis were groping me." He said half awake.

"It wasn't a dream Toni~" You laughed. Antonio looked at them and they had to explain.

"We were looked for _____ but she wasn't there! But at least you didn't have to kiss him!" They said in unison.

"Look, amigos, I know you want so of my ass but it's reserved for the ladies~" Antonio joked and winked at you. This went on for a while longs and you practically had a six pack you were laughing so hard.

Who said living with perverts was a bad thing?

BTTxreader: Living With Pervertsby MAStheHetalian

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2012-2014 MAStheHetalian
Even though I wrote this and I really don't have a say in it, I think it's hilarious^^ I hope you think the same thing.

Thank you to :iconimeria: for the picture^^

Let me know about any mistakes.

I own nothing but the idea.
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"Look, amigos, I know you want some of my ass but it's reserved for the ladies~" Antonio joked and winked at you.

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